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Meet your Partner

Frederik Kauls

Son to Rolf and Ruthhild, Frederik Kauls is the General Director of Kauls & Co. Following his Master’s studies in International Business from San Francisco and Shanghai universities, Frederik joined R. A. Kauls & Co. as a junior partner back in 2013. Since then he has rapidly taken on more and more duties, ultimately leading to the restructuring and formation of Kauls & Co. as a separate company, with Rolf and Ruthhild continuing in supportive functions.

Rolf und Friedhelm Kauls

Rolf founded R. A. Kauls and Co. in 1969 and became a close business partner to his brother Friedhelm, who already represented a multitude of European steel manufacturers in Singapore and other Asian countries. The trade relations developed very fruitfully over the years to come, forming a strong and successful cooperation between the two brothers.
Friedhelm guided the organic development of the company with passion and enthusiasm up until his passing in 2011.

In 2014, it was time for his son, Frederik, to take the Kauls family business in a new direction. Rolf continues to assist his son in a largely advisory capacity, passing on valuable expertise, contacts and experience. This gives Kauls & Co. the best of both – a dynamic boss for the next generation and decades of market-leading experience.

Ruthhild Kauls

Ruthhild joined her husband, Rolf, in the Kauls family business in 1985. Since then, she has provided vital operational and strategic support. Ruthhild is chiefly responsible for IT, bookkeeping and a portion of day-to-day client contact. Given both Frederik and Rolf’s strong commitment to face-to-face contact with clients, her management of the company’s day-to-day operations while the other two are on business has also proven vital to securing the company’s long-term growth.

In loving memory:

Friedhelm Kauls – 1925-2011

“We hope to laugh with you again one day. For now, you’re probably making the angels laugh.”

The Kauls Family